Where to?

Edvard Munch, The Day After
Edvard Munch, The Day After


It feels like a century since the election and an eon since the inauguration. In between, my technology, husband, and self — all normally quite healthy — have been subjected to an array of ills ranging from the mundane to the exotic, but — rather fittingly — all quite unforeseen and unprepared for. None especially major, and all mostly patched up now.

The world is off kilter. Yesterday’s marches — and I participated in our little Asbury march, not so little at 6,000 people — go some way toward restoring equilibrium, giving people a sense of community, comradeship, hope. That is not to discount those holding other convictions: I fear their betrayal by this administration is yet to come.

At the marches, we were both individuals and a united force. Now that the marches are over, we must continue to be both. As individuals, we must be ourselves, think for ourselves, analyze and abstract meaning from bewilderingly biased news sources and echo chambers and bubbles and amidst blatant lies.

As a force united, we must understand rather than merely anticipate the challenge, specify concrete goals, focus our energies, seek and harness our commonalities across the political spectrum — and try to do our best.

Henri Matisse, La danse
Henri Matisse, La danse


So now it is time to get back up to work, to push through the miasma of fear and uncertainty, and to try to find meaning through action.

I don’t exactly know the answer to the title of this post, but I think the way forward will become clearer each day.

I hope so. In the meantime, I will tackle the tasks near at hand, give guidance and comfort where I can, and watch and wait till the path ahead becomes clear.

Gustave Caillebotte, Les raboteurs de parquet
Gustave Caillebotte, Les raboteurs de parquet

2 thoughts on “Where to?”

  1. Your art choices are perfect — perfect! Well, maybe other than scrubbing the floors, but maybe I just can’t work with that as a metaphor.

    Regardless, your post is right on. We’re in a strange world. Despite a few decades here and there of some undesirable policymakers and hideous acts, moving now from light to darkness is disorienting. It immeidately stirs up the need to organize, or speak out or do something. Must we always be confronting realities that interfere with work, pleasure, art, family — our dancing! — in order to counter some of the negativity that is sloppily signed into law w/o true understanding that humans are just trying to live and be happy?

    Note: it would have been difficult, but how I would have loved to dance freely at the march in Washington. It was all it could be, good spirited and with so many people we moved as one. But dancing! How counter to the new White House energy it would have been.

  2. Hi Nita. I like the image of a world “off kilter.” I’m reading it as if it were a concrete happening, as if some dark star had brushed Earth and shaken our orbit. Coming back to ourselves and our groups seems critical right now to get rebalanced. And I like your useful distinction between anticipating versus understanding the challenges ahead.

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