Theatre review

A Year of NJ Theatre Reviews

If I were technologically cleverer, I would know how to link my reviews posted on to this blog.

Alas, I am not. So here are links to the plays I’ve reviewed since last March, with the most recent being last week’s reviews of the marvelous Summer in Sanctuary and the Paper Mill’s Damn Yankees. We continue to have a blast attending New Jersey theatre!

  • Damn Yankees — at the Paper Mill until April 1. Spirited and reliable and fun.
  • Summer in Sanctuary — at New Jersey Rep until March 25. A wonderful, inspiring, uplifting piece about trying to make a difference. And if you’d like to see some of it, check this out.
  • Bakersfield Mist — at New Jersey Rep last December. I couldn’t buy into some of the premises of the play, but I know it’s been popular here and elsewhere.
  • Jericho — at New Jersey Rep last October. A very unusual and intriguing and complex 9/11 story; extremely good.
  • Donna Orbits the Moon — at New Jersey Rep last September. Marvelously acted and directed; a lovely piece about losing your mind.
  • In These Woods — a very slight hour of comedy lovingly evoking the hallowed Twin Peaks; it played a few nights last September in midtown.
  • The Judy Holliday Story — a loving, entertaining, and well-done bio; at New Jersey Rep last July.
  • Night Train — this one didn’t quite work, but the staging was great, as always; at New Jersey Rep in May.

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