Something Rather Amazing: Sunrise

Got up early — really early, 4:30 a.m. early — because Steve left for business trip to Manassas.

And so I did some emails and tidying up and getting started with new project and then

I looked up.

And I have to say that no matter how many sunrises I see, and I grant you, I don’t see ALL that many, but they always take me so by surprise in their slow-approaching, majestic, dramatic beauty.

And on the ocean. Oh man.

This morning, there is this low-lying dense bank of clouds meeting the water. So as the sun came up, there was black black black from the ocean and from the cloud bank, shot behind with this lovely yellow that became orange and then red and then, now, a pale peach. And the clouds are now blue against it.

That’s the view from the north window. To the west, the buildings of the city of Asbury are suddenly all bright and crisp and oddly hopeful in the fall morning sun.

And it does this EVERY day. Isn’t that something?

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