Movie review

Band of Outsiders

Well, I can’t say how much I got of the doubtless myriad meanings and nuances of this film, but I think the dance in the cafe is one of the hippest things I’ve seen on film. click here to see it:

as for the rest, I think what struck me most was how similar in spirit and look the Godard film is to the gritty sixties Brit films I’ve always loved — Alfie, Georgy Girl, A Hard Day’s Night, Charlie Bubbles, Two for the Road, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Darling, etc. I don’t think there’s a school name for those movies, but to me they’ve always shared a sort of what-the-hell existential sensibility, a conscious sense of living in the shadow of world war and how does that imbue, or fail to imbue, the attempts at humor, happiness, and satisfaction of the next generation striving to make sense of it all? And it’s all unrelentingly cool.

No insights beyond that, but what an interesting zeitgeist it captures.

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