Movies I Have Seen


Edward-Hopper-New-York-Movie-6540Movies are far more ephemeral and fleeting than books. The books I need to review I can stack up in my inbox against that time when I have time. This method of procrastination does not work for movies. As we have seen a number of movies recently — good and bad, classic and contemporary, pulp and provocative — I think I should at least list ’em here and then come back later and fill in, if not full-scale reviews, at least reactions. reactions filled in in may 2010, six months after compilation.

  • Opening Night: i am ashamed to admit i remember nothing of this picture six months later
  • Me and Orson Welles: one of the best pictures we saw in 2009
  • Never on a Sunday: life affirming, lusty
  • Up in the Air: still don’t get what everybody seemed to see in this one
  • Days of Heaven: saw this 30 years ago and again now; the most memorable thing is the fire
  • Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags: an excellent documentary on the garment industry
  • An Education: we detested this; could not get past the permissive parents and the under-age girl; apparently, the real-life story on which it is based is much more intellectually and morally satisfying
  • The Seventh Seal: well, how can you not like that chess scene? but i’m sure i didn’t get as much of the richness as is there
  • Sunshine Cleaning: not very good, but it tried
  • The Informant: excellent and memorable; the tone was brilliant – kind of 60s flip, undercutting everything. postmodern yes, but utterly appropriate to this story
  • Autumn Hearts: A New Beginning: dreck. pure dreck.
  • A Serious Man: very good; unfortunately not as haunting and memorable as i would have hoped. but the set piece of the rabbi’s story alone is worth the price of the admission!
  • American Pop: i have always liked this picture; there is something tremendously appealing and compelling in this homage to american popular music
  • Bernard and Doris: well done, good performances, interesting
  • The Dinner Game: french movie
  • Away We Go: ok; not great, and not memorable
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: oh what a waste.  the original tv show was much better; if only a more imaginative director had been let loose!
  • Baby Doll: quirky, queer tennessee williams
  • New York, I Love You: nowhere near as good or specific as the paris version
  • The Brothers Bloom: terrific movie; funny and well acted and thought provoking and one of the coolest female characters i have ever seen portrayed (the munitions expert)
  • Drag Me to Hell: see full review below
  • (500) Days of Summer: excellent, excellent
  • Taking Woodstock: light, fun, with some overlong patches

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